HTML Kit 1.0 build

HTML Kit 1.0 build 292

Kit for more than just editing HTML

HTML Kit is a full-featured text editor designed to help HTML, XML, and script authors to edit, format, validate, preview, and publish Web pages. Newcomers to HTML coding can benefit from the program's error-catching abilities. Experts can save time spent on common tasks, using the customizable and extendible editor, while maintaining full control over the code.

Features include:

  • Syntax highlighting for HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, XSLT, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, ASP, Java, Perl, Python, C/C++, Visual Basic, Pascal/Delphi, Lisp, SQL, INI/Conf, and more
  • Customizable keyword help and keyboard shortcuts
  • Multiple methods of previewing
  • Spelling checker and a thesaurus
  • Templates/snippets
  • Multiple validators
  • Automatic detection of and integration with third-party applications, such as style editors

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HTML Kit 1.0 build


HTML Kit 1.0 build 292

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